December 04, 2009

Opening plenary: presentations

- Gintaras Steponavicius (Minister of Education and Science) (download file)

- Giovanni Biondi, Chair of European Schoolnet and General Director of the GD for Studies & Planning and IT Systems of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) Download file (several videos were played during this presentation, click on read more below to download them)

- Marc Durando, Executive director. European Schoolnet Download file

See the presentations here:

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December 02, 2009

EMINENT 2009 // twitter transcript

More than 60 tweets were posted using the hashtag eminent09 during the EMINENT Conference in Vilnius (26-27 November). Here is a transcript of the discussions.

Download file

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December 01, 2009

Strand c: session 2 The web 2.0 world - what it means for young people and educators

Chair – Janice Richardson, European Schoolnet

1. New forms of literacy to succeed in the Knowledge Society - Janice Richardson, Senior Advisor, European Schoolnet download presentation

2. What are young people doing online: risks and responses - Ella Craciun, student, Romania (no presentation)

3. Impact of web 2.0 on the educational curriculum - Mantas Masaitis, deputy director, Centre of Information Technology for Education, Lithuania download presentation

4. Online safety: communicating with young people - Benedicte Clouet, Communications Officer, European Schoolnet download presentation

You can also see directly all presentations here:

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Strand c: session 1 European approaches to maths, science and technologies

Chair – Alexa Joyce, European Schoolnet

1. Students' perception of ICT, e-Skills and ICT careers – Alexa Joyce, European Schoolnet (download presentation)

Video presented during this presentation (download file)

2. e-Skills Week: a European campaign to promote ICT competence – Jonathan Murray, DIGITALEUROPE (download presentation)

3. INSPIRE - motivating students to study maths, science and technology – Maite Debry, European Schoolnet (download presentation)

All presentations can be seen here directly:

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Strand b: session 2 Using learning resources across contexts

Chair: Riina Vuorikari, European Schoolnet

1. Introduction to European Schoolnet's work on "travel well" content (Melt, Hewlett & eQnet) - Riina Vuorikari, European Schoolnet (download presentation)

2. Quality aspects regarding “travel well” in eQNet - Silvia Panzavolta, ANSAS (ex INDIRE), Italy (download presentation)

3. Engaging users to share resources, a case of "travel well" content on the Flemish school portal - Hans De Four, KlasCement, Belgium (download presentation)

4. Presentation of the ACER - European Schoolnet project - Riina Vuorikari, European Schoolnet and Bertrand Mellah, ACER (download presentation)

Continue reading this post too see all the presentations:

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Strand b: session 1 Supporting new pedagogies through digital learning resources

Chairs: Jim Ayre and David Massart, European Schoolnet

1. Searching through the cultural collections of Europe with Europeana - Karin Heijink, Europeana, The Netherlands (download presentation)

2. ED*IT: bringing content from educational broadcasters into the classroom - Sanne Lusink, Sound & Vision, The Netherlands (download presentation)

3. Building synergies between Europeana and the Learning Resource Exchange for schools - David Massart, European Schoolnet (download presentation)

4. Digital Cultural Objects for Education - Dov Winer, MAKASH, Israel (download presentation)

You can also follow the presentations here:

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EMINENT 2009 Sessions: watch the recordings!

With the support of Elluminate, EMINENT provides a recording of all the plenary sessions. A live webcast was available during the conference. Please use the links below to watch the recordings of all plenaries:





When you click on the link, you will have to install a plug-in (java) to be able to watch the sessions.

EMINENT 2009 Podcast: new episodes available

Do not miss the latest podcast recorded during the EMINENT Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. As part of the eLearning Awards we have interviewed the top winners and the sponsors in the Platinum (ACER) and Gold (Promethean, SMART) categories. All the podcasts are now available. Additionally, Tim Rudd from FutureLab has answered questions from Riina Vuorikari from European Schoolnet. Tim Rudd is a keynote speaker for the opening plenary of EMINENT.

Go to the podcast page

The podcast is provided in association with Apple.

November 27, 2009

Final plenary - workshop summary

Download file
Roger's slides.

To see the presentation directly, continue reading this post

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November 26, 2009

Strand a: session 2 Teacher competences

Chaired by Jean-Luc Barras this session focused on teacher competences.
1. Anja Balanskat outlined key findings from the 2009 series of Insight country reports on teacher competences. Download file
2. Roger Blamire presented the main outcomes of the ENTITLE project and findings from STEPS. Download file
3. Rosella Schietroma described the early stages of Italy's Class 2.0 initiative. Download file
4. Per Thorboll gave an overview of approaches in Denmark to developing and certifying teachers' digital skills. Download file
5. Anne Gilleran shared her experiences with eTwinning as a teacher community. Download file

You can see the presentations on EMINENT blog, without any download:

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Strand a: session 1 Learner competences

Chaired by Gavin Dykes, this session comprised four presentations and was followed by a discussion.
1. Anja Balanskat presented the evidence from the STEPS study on the impact of ICT in primary schools ( Download presentation
2. Jan de Craemer introduced a competence based curriculum in Belgium (Flemish Community). Download presentation
3. Caroline Kearney presented the findings of the Digital Games in School project ( Download presentation
4. Marko Papic updated participants on IMAGINE, a project to support mainstreaming of games in schools ( Download presentation

To see the speakers' presentations on Learner competences continue reading this post

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Fostering Creativity

The starting point is at curriculum design and development stage - "creativity" must be at the table to embed itself in the final shape and form of the curriculum being developed.
It may not be expressed as an explicit learning objective - rather it is infused in the subject curriculum delivery. Teacher professional development must, then, provide the skills to encourage, to consistently elicit creative responses and to positively recognise and validate the creative dimension in students' work.
Creativity should never be assessed in isolation - it may be identified as an element within the wider review/ assessment process.

Plenary two: presentations

- François Taddei, University Paris Descartes, Presentation of the report made for the OECD: “Training creative and collaborative knowledge-builders: a major challenge for 21st century education” (Download file)

- Tim Rudd, Senior Researcher at Futurelab, about the future of schools and learning. (Download filedownload file)

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Creativity in Education

The current discussion in plenary is raising some very interesting points on the question of creativity in education. One being that it is the ability to continue learning and adapting all one's life.

I wonder if creativity is a new skill or is it one that has always been there but not necessarily encouraged by traditional education systems

Anne Gilleran

A look to the future

Giovanni Biondi gave the audience a glimpse of what the future educational environment may be like with touch screen computers, virtual world education and classrooms without walls. He spoke about the importance of the Eminent conference in keeping to the forefront the expansion of educational ideas

Anne Gilleran

Tweets from Eminent 09

Tweets are short messages, like sms, that people can easily create and share. Participants in Eminent can also "tweet", write, send and share their short comments about the conference. You can read the tweets here. To tweet, you need a Twitter account and use the tag #eminent09

November 24, 2009

EMINENT 2009 speakers: Dov Winer

dovwiner02.jpg The EMINENT Conference gathers every year some of the most important experts, policy makers and stakeholders working within the educational and ICT fields. Dov Winer is a psychologist (Hebrew University) who specialized in Online Education and Training (University of London) and founded MAKASH in 1989 to advance ICT applications in education.

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November 21, 2009

Conference Blog and Twitter

The conference blog hosted at gives more information about each workshop session.

You are welcome to react to the sessions through the comments feature of the conference blog.

All presentations given during EMINENT will be posted online on the blog.

In addition, European Schoolnet will live tweet the event on Twitter, using the hashtag eminent09. You may follow us at

November 20, 2009

EMINENT 2009 speakers: Richard Galvin

Richard Galvin is Director of the European School Woluwe II in Brussels, Belgium.

EMINENT 2009 speakers: Emanuele Accolla

Italian graduate of the Rome Polytechnic, Emanuele Accolla joined Texas Instruments in Italy in 1973 and went on to found his own IT company before joining Acer in 1998. He is currently Vice President ACER Europe.

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