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eTwinning THE motivational learning experience

Our school has been involved in eTwinning since the start of the project. We have found the concept of using European links to motivate pupils and staff by using ICT in a real and meaningful way as a successful strategy of tackling curriculum objectives. The use of the eTwinning portal ensures online safety and the support of the National Support Service is very effective. Pupils have ceated rich learning experiences through the contact with other cultures and languages in a number of European countries. Using cross curricular approaches we have provided new and exciting learning experiences based on History, Geography, Health and Healthy Lifestyles, second language skills, citizenship, global citizenship, cultural understanding, Art, PE, dance, Language and Maths.
If you would like to see more information on some of these projects click the links below.
(archiving memoirs project)
(Nessie /Gozo project)
http://mediablog.mail2web.com/miriamschembri/portal (Infant healthy lifestyles project)
(history & population movement project)

20 Ideas for eTwinning Collaboration using ICT

• Cultural information exchange (PP/video/multimedia/text/email)
• Exchange school information (email/photos/text/PP/video)
• Soft Toys to focus on local areas (photo/multimedia/text/email/PP)
• Collaborative story writing/book/song writing publish on internet (email/blogs/website)
• Joint blog based on pets/ hobbies/sports (digital photos/audio /video /text)
• Simple podcasts on after school activities (audio/music/MP3s/blogs)
• Exchange views/thoughts/feelings on world events( podcast/video/)
• Exchange information on shared history (video/MP3s/photos/text/PP/email)
• Short joint curricular projects eg health/diet/lifestyles (multimedia)
• Create joint cookbook of national/local recipe (internet/blogs/photos/text)
• Create collaborative online art/ photo gallery (scans/blogs/email/multimedia)
• Exchange information on playground games/rhymes (video/MP3s/text)
• Develop collaborative podcasts on music /news/interests (MP3s/ blogs)
• Exchange information using each others languages (audio/video/MP3s/text)
• Exchange interactive maps of a walk in the town/ woods (digital photos)
• Video Conferencing science experiments and exchange theories/comments
• Exchange/collaborate on animations with or without spoken language
• Pedagogical exchange through joint lesson planning/delivery/evaluation
• Create and complete a quiz/presentation/guide on partner’s country (internet/email/multimedia)
• Exchange information on 5 heroes/inventors/authors/artists/ musicians/thinkers etc

20 Reasons for eTwinning Collaboration using ICT

Promotes pedagogical exchange and development for staff.
• Enables professional development in ICT to be contextualised.
• Encourages staff to use the children’s tools to support real learning firmly based within the curriculum.
• Offers the opportunity to contextualise and embed ICT across the curriculum
• Creates contexts to examine and reflect on current classroom practice
• As a classroom motivator it offers the opportunity to stretch able pupils and engage disaffected pupils.
• Raises standards through the motivation of an external audience for the pupil’s classwork
• Promotes in depth understanding and empathy with other cultures.
• Exposure to other languages and cultural issues encourages second language skills
• Allows parents to participate in and support their children’s learning
• Provides opportunities to get out and access community resources to support pupil’s learning
• Creates real contexts within which to develop team work, decision making problem solving and
negotiating skills
• Promotes an outward looking, positive ethos and flexible attitudes to others
• Raises children’s self confidence and encourages independent learning
• Provides contexts to develop local, national and international Citizenship
• Children’s earning styles can be appropriately addressed through mixed media eTwinning
• Time limited curricular exchanges can be a legacy for the schools involved
• Positive, focused enriched learning experience will enhances pupil/ teacher relationships
• Gives opportunities for staff, classes and individual children to promote friendships across borders
• Embeds cross curricular approaches while making learning FUN!!!!!!