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October 15, 2006

Using twinspace in English lessons

I have been working in the eTwinning programme since the very beginning and it is always very adveturous when I open the twinspace and can see some possitive changes there. My students just love the twinspace and they visit this etwinning tool more often than only at school.
When we find our partners and register a new project, we will get our twinspace. This twispace is an exellent place, where we can display our contributions, pictures/ a new tool photogallery is very useful/ and also forum is there. The most important thing is the possibility of sending letters to our twin partners via the mail in the twinspace. You do not have to use your personal post, there are no spams and you have all your letters stored there. The students do not have to remember the addresses, they will find their partner in the list of My team. This is what we always do. When the students are ready to write a letter on the given topic, we go to the computer room and use the twinsapce.

I also like the forum very much. T have allowed my students to create their own topics and when I am not at school, I give them my topics to answer themselves. It is also very educational, they can see various mistakes and they talk about them. They know that more people will see their contributions and so they always want to correct the mistakes.

My students are users in th etwinspace, they can use only limited number of the tools there. Those, who are very active and serious, get the role of the administrator later and it is the biggest reward for them.

The eTwinning has become the important part of our lessons.

Three years old!

It was three years (Summer 2004) ago when by "accident", as I surfed in the net I bump on to the web side of the unformed yet e-twinning. I watched it growing up year by year till it become the large community that it is today. I participated from the first moment with great enthusiasm and the experience reward my expectations. I love it but most important children love it as well. What a "big" open window to the educational world of Europe!!! How many friends did we make and hopefully are going to make in the future!! What an interesting experience. And the most important thing... it offers its goods asking nothing in return. No bureaucracy, no endless paper work, nothing. Our only obligation is towards our partners and ourselves! We are working for the joy and we enjoying the work.
That's what makes the difference from anything else before it.
Thank you e-twinning for the experience!
Keep up going as undemanding as you are today!
Keep up offer us these great experiences!
Vasiliki Kotsana

October 12, 2006

eTwinning - a great asset to schools, teachers and students

eTwinning is a way for schools to work across national borders to harvest pedagogical, social, cultural and language benefits. This programme develops and reinforces networking and learning among schools, it provides an opportunity for young Europeans to learn about each other’s cultural and social lives, develops skills in ICT and helps to improve their language skills.

My students and I, from Business Academy in Levice, Slovakia, joined eTwinning from the very beginning in January 2005 and found a partner from Bundeshandelsakademie Linz, Austria. Our project was successful and it brought us great recognition - we were the winners of the Slovakian eTwinning project competition in 2005. Our eTwinning project has given us a chance to cooperate with a new partner who was interested in the same topic, “After school activities - Human rights”.

My students and I think it has been a new challenge to modernise classical ways of teaching and learning, and therefore has been a valuable experience. It has lead students to work creatively, independently and responsibly. eTwinning is illuminating and valuable for both teachers and students.

Dr. Zuzana Mészárosová
Teacher at Business Academy in Levice, Slovakia
e-mail: meszarosovaz@nextra.sk
eTwinning project: "After school activities – Human rights“ with partner from Bundeshandelsakademie Linz, Austria
Project website: www.oalevice.edu.sk/etwinning

October 09, 2006

DigiSkills Etwinning-meeting

DigiSkills is an European Comenius 1.3 / eTwinning project. It's about developing digital skills for teachers (Comenius) and students (eTwinning). 10 schools in 8 countries are participating and we now have started our 2nd project-year.

We will meet in Realschule Regenstauf (Germany 10-15 october) and teachers and students will be working with ejournals, blogs, the LMS Dokeos (opensource) and the content management system Joomla and Fronter.
We are trying to have the national quality-label for each country, and Germany already has it. Afterwards we are going for the European label. We also try to prepare a Flashmeeting (videoconference) between students.
At this point we are interested in Web 2.0 and some of it's educational web-applications.

Maybe we will meet you next year in Bruges (Belgium 23.02.2007 - 25.02.2007) for the European eTwinning-meeting. Many teachers are coming....

Uschi Schmack (Germany): project-coördinator
Hans Feldmeier (Germany): webdesign
Robert Conings (Belgium): Dokeos webplatform-administrator

Some websites:
Web- en communicationplatform Dokeos
DigiSkills eTwinning Blog
DigiSkills ejournal

October 01, 2006

Benefits of an eTwinning experience.

As teachers, our eTwinning experience has given us many benefits, so that we
are now developing our third project. Both partners in the eTwinning
project like to enrich their pedagogical practices, and have found new ideas
and new ways to teach pupils.

ICT gives us the opportunity to exchange material and to show the results

An example of the content management system of our project called UNIVERSAL VALUES is shown in:


In order to share the information more efficiently, Webnews systems and
Blogs are being considered. They have been developed for our last project,
but as they are new they are changing everyday:



Our skills in using ICT are improving through the partnerships. Another
important benefit is being able to practice English in real communications.
More like a teacher training course.

In summary, with ICT: (1) We are improving as teachers, (2) we reflect on
our pedagogical practices, (3) we reflect on our knowledge of the English
language, and most important of all (4) the children have fun too.

What more can you ask from an eTwinning experience?

I would recommend an eTwinning partnership to all kind of teachers,
especially when you teach a language (like English). Moreover, for the
teachers and pupils involved, the intercultural exchange is important too.

Seeing the rewards of the achievements, our eTwinning team is so
enthusiastic, that it keeps on participating with examples and new material.

Best regards,