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Benefits of an eTwinning experience.

As teachers, our eTwinning experience has given us many benefits, so that we
are now developing our third project. Both partners in the eTwinning
project like to enrich their pedagogical practices, and have found new ideas
and new ways to teach pupils.

ICT gives us the opportunity to exchange material and to show the results

An example of the content management system of our project called UNIVERSAL VALUES is shown in:


In order to share the information more efficiently, Webnews systems and
Blogs are being considered. They have been developed for our last project,
but as they are new they are changing everyday:



Our skills in using ICT are improving through the partnerships. Another
important benefit is being able to practice English in real communications.
More like a teacher training course.

In summary, with ICT: (1) We are improving as teachers, (2) we reflect on
our pedagogical practices, (3) we reflect on our knowledge of the English
language, and most important of all (4) the children have fun too.

What more can you ask from an eTwinning experience?

I would recommend an eTwinning partnership to all kind of teachers,
especially when you teach a language (like English). Moreover, for the
teachers and pupils involved, the intercultural exchange is important too.

Seeing the rewards of the achievements, our eTwinning team is so
enthusiastic, that it keeps on participating with examples and new material.

Best regards,


Everything is true, but it works not only for English, but for all the languages. My school is in Palermo, Sicily (Italy);we have a project in French with a French School and we are going to set a new project in Italian with a school in Cyprus . Our students are very motivated.

And we have a great support from the regional etwinning team too!

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