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eTwinning - a great asset to schools, teachers and students

eTwinning is a way for schools to work across national borders to harvest pedagogical, social, cultural and language benefits. This programme develops and reinforces networking and learning among schools, it provides an opportunity for young Europeans to learn about each other’s cultural and social lives, develops skills in ICT and helps to improve their language skills.

My students and I, from Business Academy in Levice, Slovakia, joined eTwinning from the very beginning in January 2005 and found a partner from Bundeshandelsakademie Linz, Austria. Our project was successful and it brought us great recognition - we were the winners of the Slovakian eTwinning project competition in 2005. Our eTwinning project has given us a chance to cooperate with a new partner who was interested in the same topic, “After school activities - Human rights”.

My students and I think it has been a new challenge to modernise classical ways of teaching and learning, and therefore has been a valuable experience. It has lead students to work creatively, independently and responsibly. eTwinning is illuminating and valuable for both teachers and students.

Dr. Zuzana Mészárosová
Teacher at Business Academy in Levice, Slovakia
e-mail: meszarosovaz@nextra.sk
eTwinning project: "After school activities – Human rights“ with partner from Bundeshandelsakademie Linz, Austria
Project website: www.oalevice.edu.sk/etwinning