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Three years old!

It was three years (Summer 2004) ago when by "accident", as I surfed in the net I bump on to the web side of the unformed yet e-twinning. I watched it growing up year by year till it become the large community that it is today. I participated from the first moment with great enthusiasm and the experience reward my expectations. I love it but most important children love it as well. What a "big" open window to the educational world of Europe!!! How many friends did we make and hopefully are going to make in the future!! What an interesting experience. And the most important thing... it offers its goods asking nothing in return. No bureaucracy, no endless paper work, nothing. Our only obligation is towards our partners and ourselves! We are working for the joy and we enjoying the work.
That's what makes the difference from anything else before it.
Thank you e-twinning for the experience!
Keep up going as undemanding as you are today!
Keep up offer us these great experiences!
Vasiliki Kotsana