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Using twinspace in English lessons

I have been working in the eTwinning programme since the very beginning and it is always very adveturous when I open the twinspace and can see some possitive changes there. My students just love the twinspace and they visit this etwinning tool more often than only at school.
When we find our partners and register a new project, we will get our twinspace. This twispace is an exellent place, where we can display our contributions, pictures/ a new tool photogallery is very useful/ and also forum is there. The most important thing is the possibility of sending letters to our twin partners via the mail in the twinspace. You do not have to use your personal post, there are no spams and you have all your letters stored there. The students do not have to remember the addresses, they will find their partner in the list of My team. This is what we always do. When the students are ready to write a letter on the given topic, we go to the computer room and use the twinsapce.

I also like the forum very much. T have allowed my students to create their own topics and when I am not at school, I give them my topics to answer themselves. It is also very educational, they can see various mistakes and they talk about them. They know that more people will see their contributions and so they always want to correct the mistakes.

My students are users in th etwinspace, they can use only limited number of the tools there. Those, who are very active and serious, get the role of the administrator later and it is the biggest reward for them.

The eTwinning has become the important part of our lessons.