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Article from eTwinner, Nada Kadlecova

On 26th September our school celebrated these two important days which are connected together. When we take place in international projects, we have to use foreign languages such as English, German and French.


There were a lot of events during the day for all the students, the seniors and the students from the junior grammar school , as well. Mrs Gebauerová prepared a concert for older students. They could hear beautiful Irish songs, sang by Věra Klásková, the famous folk singer. The students who study German had a chance to see a play in German, students from tercie A acted in it and the play was prepared by Mrs Hronzová.

Mr Tulka, the geography teacher, had a tricky geography quiz for the students from kvinta A about our partners´countries. The winners were Katerina Hasova, Marek Michl and Jan Zachrla.

The new students in our school met our deputy headmistress Mrs Paszeková, who showed them one of the successful projects of our school called Lanterna Futuri. They will take part in it soon, too.

But also the students of our junior grammar school had an interesting programme. The etwinning room was connected on line by the SKYPE and there were international videoconferences with Poland and Greece.

Younger students watched etwinning presentations of their older friends and some classes prepared interesting events, such as The Sovenier Exhibition in the classroom, where other children had to quess where the things had come from. Sekunda A and B created posters called My favourite European country and together with the German students and the students who study French, they did the same thing, decorated the main corridor of the school. A lot of students came to read the posters. The youngest students sang the song A message in a bottle to the Polish children during the chat.

And then a new etwinning European record came. The students from kvarta B / they are fifteen/ broke the chat record. In a one-day project called The fun never ends when you write to your friends were registered 147 students,11 teachers, from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia / our partner school from Púchov /, Hungary, The UK, Finland, France and Italy. It was a problem to work in the chat, so most of the students were routed into the Forum of the twinspace. During 45 minutes there were 223 topics and 1,215 answers. Although it was a bit chaotic, the feedback is great. Everybody loved the chat and it was worth the time we had spent while preparing the whole event.
I really have to express deep thanks to our ICT teacher Mr Dufek, who had worked hard in the new computer room, so we were able to use it today.

We also received powerpoint presentations from our chat friends about their schools. It was really a good idea. And the Finish teacher uploaded photos of the chatting students into the photogallery while we were chatting. What a nice surprise!

The last event of the day was a small present for each youngest student. It was a sticker which contained a tag line of the European day of languages in a different language. The tag line is TALK TO ME. The task was to find out the name of the language in the school corridor.

Our celebration was very nice and we are looking forward to preparing the next eTwinning and European Day of languages.

Thanks to everybody, who had helped us with this successful and unforgettable day.

This is what the French teacher has written to me

My students were very enthusiasts for this chat and forum (too much for me). Some of them couldn't connect on chat or forum and I gave other solution. BUT I was so fast : they wrote fast and didn't way you write questions !!! They liked talking about football, video games (tricks)... Some of them exchanged e mail address with Polish, Italian.. students when they used private room on the chat. I never saw them use so quickly English dictionary !!!!It was great. Thank you for organizing this chat.
Love Catherine

Naděžda Kadlecová, Gymnázium Česká Lípa, Czech Republic
Visit her blog at http://et-friendship.blogspot.com/