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A boy´s Project…

I start this project (user and password: etwinning), in March 2006, with a colleague from Italy (Danilo) from a professional school. Like my class his class had only boys. So, a project with more or less 45 boys.
In September/October we had 2 colleague interested in participating in our project. Bea form Slovak and Irena from Poland… and guess what??? More boys… and both from technical school! So, we have a project with approximately 100 boys. Where the girls have no place…?!

My students start to complain… “but there is no girls…?, “I won’t present myself just for boys…?, among other things. It wasn’t easy, they were completed unmotivated and uninterested. So, I talked with them, make them see that they all were learning common subject and they could work better and after all they would know other culture and lifestyle. So, they start to work and with the time they liked and even concluded that after all they all have the same habits, play the same games, like the same music, among other things.

When they start to create the technical glossary they were surprise, because they knew all the same subject. This glossary had the proposal to share, in the 3 language, technical terms (pt, pl and it) from there curriculum, so they really enjoy it.

So, as we can see sometime the problems are not only the difference between the time zone, technical or pedagogical. You can see a complain here!


congratulations for your work.

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