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Different Ways of Using Photos in a Project

Photos are a very important element in a project, a way of both displaying our work and expressing our ideas. As the old proverb goes: “A picture says a thousand words.”
The TwinSpace offers a good way to use them, in photo-galleries, but since I usually take quite a lot of photos, I have been looking for more ways to display them within my projects. This is what I have found so far:

1.You can turn your photos into videos, using Photo Story 3 for Windows or Windows Movie Maker. I used both for JPEG files and they are both easy to use. The steps to take are more or less the same: you import the pictures (one by one or multiple files, from your computer or from a network folder-for the Photo Story, or a video device- for the Movie Maker), you arrange them in the order you want by simply dragging them to the right place and then you can edit the video. With the Photo Story, you can automatically or manually crop the photos, correct the contrast, the colour levels, the red eyes, add various effects such as Black and White that change the appearance of the picture. The Movie Maker also has lots of effects and the navigation is even easier, as the interface is quite similar to the Office suite.
Note that none of the changes that you make affects the original picture that is stored on your computer, a network folder, or on the Internet.

You can then choose a transition and set the time, add titles and/or narration and a musical background to your video and preview the clip. The way to save your video depends on what you want to do with it: you can choose to save it to the computer, to a CD, to a DV camera, send it in an e-mail or uploading it on the web. The file format is .wmv, the file might sometimes be too heavy to be uploaded on the TS, especially the Movie Maker videos, but it can be embedded on blog posts or uploaded on Youtube and linked. For downloading the Photo Story 3 for Windows, go to http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/photostory/default.mspx

2. Anoher way to use your pictures is to turn them into a slide-show. A very easy way is using www.slide.com/ because you don’t have to prepare the slide-show in advance, you just upload the photos, arrange them, add captions and make it on the spot, using all the options you are offered: style, skin, themes, music (you can’t upload your own), background, effects, size and privacy. You then save the slide-show and get the code you can use to embed the show. It’s very quick and simple. My students can use it too and they are very happy to see a spectacular slide-show they have made without a big effort.

Irina Vasilescu, School no. 92, Bucharest, Romania