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Discover Europe through a set of interactive learning objects!

In the previous school year my pupils and I together with a group of pupils and teachers from Italy and Spain worked on an e-Twinning project called ‘Discover Europe’(a safe web-based collaborative project focused on cultural awareness and intercultural learning).
Apart from exchanging information and photos about our local communities and our customs and traditions we decided to create a set of interactive learning objects based on the participating pupils’ personal accounts about their cultures (multiple choice exercises, drag and drop exercises, crosswords, fill-in exercises etc). These are digital modules built on certain didactic sequences aiming to enable a learner to acquire knowledge and skills on a specific topic or theme.
They help teachers increase their learners' interest and motivation in learning. Besides, they make learning and teaching more dynamic, intuitive and interactive and improve both pupils’ and teachers’ ICT skills.
As regards our learning objects, they are focused on cultural awareness and intercultural learning and aim to help pupils reinforce the information learned in the project.
I was really surprised to see how much of their own time my pupils devoted to participating in the project as they found eTwinning a rich and rewarding experience!
That is why, beginning with this school year our School Board has decided to include it in our school curriculum and allocate an optional course addressed to the 5th grade A and 7th grade A.

Thanks to the eTwinning initiative we all learned together by sharing and discovered many interesting facts about our national culture as well as the one of other European countries. Besides, the eTwinning project encouraged and motivated our pupils and their teachers not only to learn about each other using the opportunities offered by the new technologies, but also to develop their sense of awareness of being part of a dynamic, European community.
For more information about the interactive learning objects created within our eTwinning project , please visit the following link: http://www.geocities.com/scoalagen191/interactive_learning_objects

Coordinating teacher: Andreea Silter, School No. 191, Bucharest, Romania