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eTwinning a great opportunity for pupils and for teachers

Last year, in October, Romania was accepted in eTwinning and I was very delighted that I became a member of this community. In a short time I find a partner for my project, a school from Spain, Colegio Caja Granada.
Our project is called THE CELEBRATION OF THE MONTH. The pupils, coordinated by the teachers work on gathering information related to the most important holidays of each month (ethno-folkloric, literary, historical etc). In the same time different products are developed: articles for the school magazine, pp presentations, a web site, CDS, a holiday calendar, an album with all the phases of the project. The representative works are published on the Internet in English, Romanian and Spanish.
During the activities performed together with the partner school the teams will identify the similarities but also the differences between the two cultures. There will be supplementary foreign language lessons, lessons about local and national history and geography. These activities will constitute a good opportunity for practicing linguistic competencies but also for socializing and developing tolerance and mutual respect.
The development of the project will be permanently monitored, the suggested objectives will be followed, and the activities will be adapted to the newly appeared needs.
The dissemination of the results will be an important aspect of the project. It will be realized throughout the whole period of the partnership. Finally, they will be presented at both schools involved and to the public in order to generate interest for learning foreign languages and to understand the similarities and differences between European cultures.
http://thecelebrationofthemonth.wetpaint.com/ - here you can see a part of our work
We do our best in order that our school should obtain a European dimension with a large opening towards Europe, conditioned by the entrance of Romania into EU.

This project constitutes an opportunity for our pupils to practice and develop their linguistic competencies. On the other hand involving pupils in an intercultural dialogue would improve their personal development and would contribute to a better social cohesion.
Our expectations are:
- The cooperation between the involved schools in order to identify cultural similarities based on the Latin origin of our countries; involvement in an intercultural dialogue.
- The promotion of some national and local elements together with the acceptance and respect for the cultural identity of each country.
- The formation of research and learning skills necessary for personal development and social integration.
- Raising awareness of the importance of life long learning.
- Improvement of pupils motivation and their communication skills in a foreign language.
- Formation language competencies in other languages besides those learnt at school.

Maria Vaida, "Ioan Bob" School, Cluj-Napoca, Romania