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eTwinning the European Heart

The country: EUROPE
Let´s make the European heart beat!

Teacher and students can gain a lot from eTwinning project. Here goes my opinion about it:
- Improve skill languages;
- Learn about each country culture, economics, folks, food habits, politics aspects, geography, history and others;
- Exchange experience about pedagogical strategies;
- Improve the use of ICT tools and also learn how to use new ones;
- Be aware of difference between European countries and learn to respect them;
- And many other pedagogical aspects.
I think it´s important to fill near to other countries! Portuguese people use to say “Away from the eyes away form the heart”. After an eTwinning project we learn to love and worry about someone in other country. I really think it ´s important to approach people and that students fill near each other, because younger’s are our future!

So, eTwinning approach ours hearts. And after all, we are a country called EUROPE!