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eTwinning-a open gate for making friendships

My students come from Romania, from a country school named "Dimitrie Anghel", a flower's poet.She is situated near Iasi city, in Cornesti-Miroslava.My name is Dorina Marin and I'm their primary teacher.
We have participated at several etwinning projects since 2006, firstlly as guests, then as partners.We have started with "Across The Bible Across Europe", a project about truth, justice, sympathy, generosity, forgiveness and love, coordonated by Teresa Fernandes from Escola Secondaria de "D.Dinis"-Lisboa-Portugal and Irene Szymansky from "Peter Petersen"School-Frankfurt/Main-Germania.In time, we have descover new friends: from IES-Thalassa-Barcelona-Spain-Eva Campoy and Marc Julia-"How young european combat boredom",from GBS De Waterleest, Eppegem-Belgium-Kristof de Loose-"Happy faces join us",from 1ο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Γιαννιτσών, Γιαννιτσά-Greece-Zoe Abrazi and from Direzione Didattica Rionero in Vulture, Rionero in Vulture (PZ) -Italy-Maria Teresa Carrieri-"My school through time", from Szkoła Podstawowa nr 9 im. Orląt Lwowskich w Tarnowie -Poland-Krystyna Gądek-"How we spend our freetime" and from Escola Secondaria de "D.Dinis"-Lisboa-Portugal-Teresa Fernandes-"Joy@Singing".In the new school year 2008-2009 we have found others and we have started new projects.
That experience, since last years, from etwinning portal, was a good opportunity for our students to learn how to identify cultural similarities and differences, about new customs and values and how to gain intercultural experience.
We have learn many things about each others and we think now that Europe is not just a "strange place"but a open gate for making friendships, and we can define that in three important words:"We love eTwinning !"
We invite you to see some memories from our life on eTwinning:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8243889612660642319&hl=en