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eTwinning Bulgaria-Portugal

Hello friends! We want to tell you about our project. It started in 2007 year.
The project ‘Nosa Cultuta’ – ‘Our culture’ is about cultural heritage, traditions, customs and celebrations in both countries - Bulgaria and Portugal. Its main goal is to provoke thoughtful consideration amongst students towards learning and then presenting their traditions and customs before their counterparts.
Using the latest technologies, we are performing our project’s activities via photos, pictures, presentations, video clips from the most interesting moments in our work. We exchange IT information as part of student’s learning activities and motivation.
Introducing the interactive board as part of the teaching process is the biggest achievement in our work so far. The board provides equal opportunities for all students to take part in presenting and exchanging the information of relative subjects. It is a team work where the teacher acts as coordinator and consultant. Every team member presents and learns the subject and vice versa. The team work is an innovative approach of the education system.

The project is fully presented in our Curriculum in subjects like domestic technique, economy and technology. The interactive board is powerful device for attracting students’ attention and increasing their activities in class. Due to specially developed software the learning process transforms easily into an interactive fun.
International dialogue is the way of making customs and celebrations popular, a way of discovering all similarities and differences in the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and Portugal.
Implementing the interactive education in this year’s teaching process is regarded as innovation and creativity. Producing a trilingual Bulgarian – English – Portuguese vocabulary will increase the language skills and will make the link between subjects with English language and IT possible.
The project comprises more subjects than cultural heritage. Writing a CV by using different programs develop sense of innovation and creativity amongst students. The interest towards the project is very much alive during this school year as the produced materials have taken final shape and will be presented in a blog of the project.
The quality of this project – the capacity to work on various subjects; team work; implementing new world class technologies in the educative process – interactive board, increasing language skills and competence.
With this project we found new friends.
Visit our blog for the project: http://etwinningbg.blogspot.com
Veneta Lambova - Bulgaria
Ana Lopes - Portugal