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March 04, 2010

Reflections from a French student

French student, Charlotte Durando, recently spent a week at European Schoolnet, the Central Support Service for eTwinning. About eTwinning, she had the following to say to her fellow classmates in Europe...

Get involved in a technologic class with eTwinning!!!

Not liking school? Finding the teaching boring? Wanting to have courses on digital media, and a new way of working? All this is possible thanks to eTwinning! If you agree, you will see the difference.

eTwinning promotes school collaboration in Europe through information technology and communication (ICT) in providing support, tools and services to facilitate the creation of school partnerships in the short or long term. eTwinning is very interesting because trough it we can get in touch with many other schools and works on a same project. It’s a new way of designing learning in schools.

For examples on how to get involved in eTwinning, eTwinning has also created a blog for teachers. On the teachers’ blog, teachers can post comments about their eTwinning project and discover what it is about. In this way, they can involve their class into the eTwinning project.

There are currently 68446 schools in partnerships with the various projects submitted by eTwinning. There is no principal blog for the teenagers, but there are some blogs within the different projects themselves. In France, there are 7769 schools involved in eTwinning.

So, if you want your school to change, to use more technology, ask your teachers and get involve into eTwinning!!!

By: Charlotte Durando, France