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eTwinning Visibility Group - a new newsletter

The editing team of the 1st Newsletter of the eTwinning Visibility Group are proud to present their work! Take a seat in the boat that is making the right waves on the eTwinning sea and read interesting and up-to-date pieces of writing that will provide you with information about the work in the Group, recent achievements, important new Web 2.0 tools and various thoughts on what eTwinning is all about.

Since October 2010 the enthusiastic members of the Visibility of eTwinning Projects Group have been working together with the main purpose of eventually devising and evaluating guidelines for boosting the visibility of eTwinning projects. We have been doing this by promoting the eTwinning action as part of Comenius - the EU programme for schools -, sharing experience and knowledge, promoting imaginative ideas, giving constructive feedback, giving inspiration about how to make the most of eTwinning projects, strengthening the feeling of belonging to a truly European network!

Here is the Newsletter: http://www.myebook.com/index.php?option=ebook&id=89096. Enjoy!

We have been having many irons in the fire this past school year, and warmest thanks are in order to everybody in the Group for their involvement and dedication – it has been an exciting year, and we look forward to the years to come and to the contributions old (by now) and new members can offer! Do join the Group if you are not already in!