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June 07, 2010

British Summer School on the Black Sea in Bulgaria

The British Summer School in Bulgaria „ARKUTINO” is the new concept for english language studies on the Black Sea. It combines the British experience in english language training with the beauty of the unspoiled nature of Bulgaria.

The beautiful South Coast of the Black Sea and the nearby Natural Park on Ropotamo river provide us with unique location and vast opportunities for children to explore nature, enjoy summer and improve their engilsh.

If you are interested in nature and would have 10 students who are interested to attend, you can come and stay for free and join in all explore-nature- excursions, beach activities and visits to local traditional villages.

Arkutino is located in Burgas county, Bulgaria. This is one of the last unspoiled places on the bulgarian Black Sea Coast.
From the see to Arkutino there are sand dunes and on the Arkutino beach itself grows the sand Lully.
The natural reservate is located alongside the River Ropotamo that flows into the Black Sea.
During thair stay students will be haveing english language classes with british teachers. The aim of the summer school is to teach children english and help them use it in a variaty of situations in and outside of the class room.

Here is what out main teacher David Kirwan says about the camp:
"Our overall goal is to achieve teacher and learner collaboration. By being approachable, positive and caring as teachers we will develop learner confidence and encourage them to be more open in exchanging information which they can see will help them in the learning process. The methodological approach will be eclectic and draw on a range of materials, classroom activities and technologies to stimulate the children and keep them wanting more.

The activity co-ordinators will also contribute to this analysis by providing us with on-going feedback on what language the children are using when they meet and where there are gaps in knowledge and barriers to communication.

Within this framework our aims will be to

• recognise individual differences
• arouse curiosity about language
• stimulate reflection on language
• encourage collaboration rather than competition
• set learning goals which are challenging but achievable
• facilitate learning
• activate existing knowledge
• build confidence.

It is also important for the participants to understand and accept that they must take ownership of and final responsibility for their own learning. "
Irina Christova
Integral Educational Programs

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January 07, 2007


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