April 29, 2006

Bye bye, Lanzarote!


eTwinning staff meeting

One of those meetings, where we discussed about workshops, leisure activities and practicalities.


I think that it was simply great!

Listen to Young reporters who are sharing their feelings about the eTwinning camp:

Didi (Italy): Download file
Haily (Scotland): Download file
Alexandra (France): Download file


eTwinning camp in German and French

Two teams, which won the eTwinning prize, one from Germany and one from France, are regularly informing about the eTwinning camp.

To find the news in German, go to the website http://www.bmmg.de or to the blog http://bmmg.blogspot.com.

Information in French can be found at http://www.coin-philo.net. You can also share your feelings about the camp in a special discussion forum at http://lyc-sevres.ac-versailles.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3486#3486.

America sneaking into the camp

HELLO! We are Fra and Didi from wonderful Italy!!


The camp in Lanzarote has been grrrreat! What a place... Wonderful accomodation, weather, people! We are part American so we joined the Young reporters group only today, the last day of the camp, to lend a hand with text editing and translating, and we're having a great time. This hotel seems like a tiny Europe: French, Germans, Lithuanians, Greeks and more running all over the place. It's awesome! We wish we could stay on this island for...ever, soaking up the sun! Many CIAo´S to everyone!!

Let's dance!

The hall was full of people expecting a great show. They were excited because everything was prepared in the best way.

Suddenly, the ¨Parrot Man¨ with his flying friends appeared on stage. The audience stopped talking and started to watch his mesmerizing show. Everyone was fascinated and amused by the way he was talking to his colorful friends. It was unbelievable to see the parrots making tricks. The hero of the evening was Fernando, every child loved him. Altogether it was an excellent performance.


After that, there was another show of six dancers. Everyone was breathless, especially teenagers. (lol) We saw a traditional dance called Capoiera. It is the dance of Spanish slaves in America in the past.
The dancers were dressed in eyecatching clothes covered with feathers. They were making astonishing moves and were as flexible as rubber.


In comparison with ¨Parrot Man¨ they were better but it is just one of a lot of opinions. Some watchers enjoyed both in the same way.

The most expected event of the night, mostly for the young, was the disco. It was full of music and dancing figures.


Brigitte Parry about eTwinning

Brigitte Parry is one of the coordinators at the eTwinning camp.
She´s from France, but she works in Brussels for the European Schoolnet.
"eTwinning is a very good way to prepare pupils for the future" Brigitte said.
We asked if she liked to be in Lanzarote and she answerd "I´m here for all of you young people".

etwinning 069.jpg

Life As They Know It

We interviewed two people, who actually live here in Lanzarote. Here is what we found out about them :

Name : Ignacio
Job : Receptionist
What they think about Lanzarote : Nice weather and beautiful scenery
Weather : Nice, warm weather
If they enjoy their job :Yes, very much so

Picture 008.jpg

Name : Carlos
Job : Bartender
What they think about Lanzarote : Nice and very beautiful
Weather : Nice and warm weather all year round
If they enjoy their job : Yes

Well it seems the staff here at the Rubicon Palace Hotel love the island as much as we do!!!

Find the treasure hidden in the eTwinning Camp

On a sunny afternoon, the 28th of April, people staying in the Rubicon Palace could see teenagers running everywhere, shouting. But what were they doing? They were looking for a treasure hidden somewhere on the campus. Hints were spread everywhere indicating enigmas to solve.

The adults (eTwinning camp staff and teachers) were at least as much involved in the game, if not more ! ...

At the end when a team found the last clue, they had to mix letters that were written on the hints to figure out a sentence that was: "Etwinning is fun!". The treasure was a box of pens, notebooks, radios, t-shirts ... we could all take some things from the box (even if we hadn't been the fastest).

Some of us got sunburnt but at least we all enjoyed it!


Finding the treasure....

European Drawing in Lanzarote

On the 28th of April at the eTwinning camp some workshops like podcasting, video editing and arts took place.
We participated in the arts workshop.

Pupils in there drew about Lanzarote.
Henri from Finland drew about animals at the beach.
Magnus Saemundsson is the teacher at the arts workshop.


He´s from Iceland and he works in the Ministry.
He used to be a teacher and he is very good at arts!

Make your own movie

We had an interview with four participants from the video workshop.


The first victim was Zuzana from Slovakia, she told us her feelings and her opinions about the workshop.
What do you think about this workshop?
Z.: I like it very much.
Z.: Probably because of the teacher from Malta - Emil Vassallo (lol) . He is very good at explaining and he doesn't shout. His English is also good and therefore we are able to understand him.
How do you like your workshop?
Z.: It is OK and fortunately not too difficult!

Another girl from Greece - Regina, also told us her impressions about it. ¨¨I think it is really interesting to record and make videos! Also it is easy and it could be useful for the future¨.

Lenka also liked the teacher from Malta but not only for this reason she enjoys the workshop ;)


We were able to interview Emil Vassallo about pupils taking part in the workshop activity. He noticed that some of them were indeed interested in working and making movies there. But he also admitted that some pupils were not really ambitious.

We were able to see an interesting video filmed at the camp and shown by some of the participants.

What did we think about it ?
There was a nice atmosphere and the pupils had a lot of fun! In all probability there were also pupils who were not really keen on computers but, as the teacher made it interesting, they enjoyed the workshop as well.
We were glad we could be there.

Preparing a radio broadcast

We went to the Podcasting workshop on the 28th and we interviewed Francesca, Didi, Laura and Frederic.

What is Podcasting?

Francesca: It is an activity where you can record your voice with a radiophonic sound and add background music. Then people can listen to it on the internet.


What aim does it have?

Laura: It will explain what we're doing in Lanzarote.
Frederic: It is really fun!

And where can we listen to it?

Didi: On http://klangkompensator.de/etwinpodcast

April 28, 2006

Sport Activities Lanzarote Style!

On Thursday, we all got a choice of three sports activities to take part in. We had a choice of : minigolf, cycling or soccer. The minigolf wasn´t that challenging for us but we thought it was fun. We think we did quite well in the minigolf because we got quite a low score (which is good!). We were going to do soccer and cycling too, but the weather was too hot, so we went for a swim instead. The temperature was about 25 degrees at three in the afternoon so we went and sunbathed. After the mini golf, we all went for another swim with our Maltese friends.


Confessions by Mr Armin Bosch

It was a nice sunny day. We intended to do an interview with the head of the Comenius Unit at the European Commission in Brussels - Mr Armin Bosch from Germany.

Picture 048.jpg

A young, good-looking man was sitting and waiting for us in the lobby of the hotel. After a while, we found out that he was also a very courteous man. We talked about his job. As we have already mentioned, he is in charge of the Comenius and eTwinning projects. There are 14 000 schools registred from all of Europe in eTwinning.

"It is an important action and the most important thing is that students from differtent countries are in contact." As he said, it is great to cooperate with foreign people and also to be in touch with schools from different European countries. In order to let people communicate with each other and learn about their habits, culture, make new friends and practise languages. Thirty years ago, it was not common to learn different languages, to meet people from other countries and to have such opportunities as today.

"English is indeed important nowadays" he said. Nevertheless, he especially liked the Slovak-German project as the students did not only communicate in English but also in German. There is no doubt about the fact that every single project is great, so you cannot say which one is the best.

For the time being, he is pretty pleased with the meeting and he looks forward to the future projects.

Picture 051.jpg

Guess the object game at the eTwinning camp

On the 27th of April, in the evening, we played a game called "Pictionary and Guess the object". It was really funny, because next to me there were some older pupils from other countries (I don´t know from where), and they had the microphone to guess what the picture was all the time.
The pictures were very funny too, because some pupils drew blindfolded or with their left hand.
In the game, some pupils had to guess an object in a box. In the box, there were objects like a model of a Ferrari(Italy), ruins (Malta), a head of Alexander the Great (Greece) and a skiier (Norway).
It was VERY VERY VERY VERY funny, you should try it sometime!


Europe communicates via Internet with the Europe-Education-Ecole project

The aim of our project is to learn about different European cultures via Internet. Yesterday, the members of the EEE project in the camp planned a meeting on the Internet, with a camera and a microphone, in order to describe the stay here. Each member of the countries participating in the project was to join in this meeting (Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, France).


After a long preparation, downloading the last versions of the necessary files, linking the camera to the computers, preparing the room..., we managed to communicate via chat, while M.Macé and Christophe Damaggio were dealing with transmission problems that were quickly solved ; then some people came to talk in front of the camera, describing their stay, and being very enthusiastic about what was happening ; at the end Christophe came round showing and describing the hotel. In the other countries, behind their screens, the people who had joined in the conversation were delighted (and actually, we felt that there was a bit of jealousy in their answers, as we described our stay, the activities and the fact that we were all together communicating and at last meeting the people we had been discussing with for months...).

It was a great experience to participate in that internet meeting ; we're looking forward to continuing these relationships, and this has made us more aware and closer to our partners. The eTwinning camp staff are all so helpful and nice that it is really a pleasure to stay here, and making exchanges with all of Europe seems so easy !

April 27, 2006

A long trip to paradise

On our long journey to Lanzarote, we met quite a few other participants of the eTwinning camp. The Belgian Crop Circles team travelled with us from the beginning:

Picture 002.jpg

At the Madrid airport we waited for our connection for a while. We met our German friends and we used the time to speak about people´s expectations on the eTwinning camp. You can listen to them by clicking on Download file:

Brigitte Parry, EUN: Download file
Sebastian Dorok, Podcasting workshop: Download file
Alfons Musolf, a winning teacher from Germany: Download file
Elena Vostrikov, a pupil from the winning German school: Download file
Nuria de Salvador, EUN: Download file
Katerina Bavorova, EUN, Young Reporters workshop: Download file

What a relief when we finally landed on Lanzarote, a black island with white houses, after almost nine hours of travelling!

Picture 011.jpg

Picture 012.jpg

But we think that the place we came to was worth such a journey :)

Picture 053.jpg

Malta and Scotland Together As One

Hi everybody! We are going to introduce our team.


Name: Rebecca
Age: 11
From: Malta
Hobbies: Reading, swimming, playing and playing the guitar.
Trip: I thought it was a very long journey. I was excited but I was hungry and tired!
First impressions about the hotel and the island: I thought the island was nice and comfortable. I also thought the hotel is wonderful.

Name: Lauren
Age: 12
From: Inverness, Scotland
Hobbies: Playing computer games, surfing the Internet and listening to rock music
Trip: I thought it was a long flight and quite cramped in the plane to Gatwick. The flight to Lanzarote seemed to last AGES !!!!!
First impressions about the hotel and island: I thought the island looked great!

Name: Hayley
Age: 12
From: Inverness, Scotland
Hobbies: swimming, badminton, trampolining, listening to music, going on msn and TALKING!!
Trip: I thought the trip was long but not boring or uncomfortable. I felt that the flight from Gatwick to Lanzarote was better than from Inverness to London. I thought the plane was very comfortable.
First impressions of the island and the hotel: I think the hotel is very nice and that the island is beautiful. I also think the hotel is very big and that the food is GREAT!!!

We are all having a good time and looking forward to the days ahead!

A Franco-Italian team has just arrived to Canary Islands

Hi !


We're the Franco-Italian team, our names are Fabrizio and Alexandra. Fabrizio is 18 and comes from Bari, near Naples (Italy) ; he came here with the Crop Circles Challenge. On my part, I am 17 and I come from Sèvres, near Paris (France), with the Europe-Education-Ecole project. Our trips were long and quite tiring but when we arrived here we were quite surprised by the immensity of the Rubicon Palace Hotel, and by seeing the others, we were very enthusiastic about the camp, thinking that it would be a nice and enriching experience.


Hi, I am Elena and I am 16 years old. I come from Krefeld in Germany. I was quite excited about the trip to Lanzarote because I think it is very interesting to meet other pupils from other countries, to share experiences and to get to know all the different cultures. When my classmates and I arrived at Lanzarote, we were fascinated by the beautiful landscape and of course also amazed by the comfortable, fancy hotel. We all had the impression that the other pupils were open-minded and friendly. We turned out to be right. Naturally, at first we were a little bit timid but in time we started having many conversations with the others and seized the opportunity to get to know them better.


Hi everyone, My name is Vladimira but my friends often call me Wowa. I am a student from Slovakia. My town Presov, is a small place with a beautiful historical center. The news that we won the trip to Lanzarote was so exciting for me and my classmates. We were looking forward to our ¨virtual mates¨ from Germany because we knew each other just via Internet. The flight from Vienna to Madrid and then to island was cool. Some of us haven't flown before, they were a bit scared. After comming here, we were a little bit disappointed by the weather. It was cold and windy. The another thing which could threaten our mood was that there are no trees and grass outside. My country is full of mountains and wonderful green nature. I miss it here. Our mood improved after comming to the hotel. We were amazed by the facilities and rooms and happy-go-lucky people. The best thing was, we met our colleagues from Krefeld. I think we will be a great team. The other students are great and it is a unique opportunity for everyone to be here.

Finland, Norway and Ireland meet in the Canary Islands

Hello everybody!

Here is some information on us Young Reporters 2.


Age: 11
Country: Norway
Hobbies: Soccer and playing computer

7 pupils, 2 teachers and I came here at 4 o`clock.
The first thing we did was to jump into the water.
It is a nice hotel with a lot of swimming pools.
It is so good to be here, it is so warm here. 25 C, and in Norway it was around 7...

Age: 13
Country: Finland
Hobbies: scubadiving, orienteering and swimming

On the 26th of April, our plane got here very late, so we just ate something and went to sleep. The weather was cloudy but warm. Today (27 April), it`s sunny and very warm. I like the warm air best, because in Finland, it was cold, like +5 C when I was leaving from my hometown Orivesi.

Age: 13
Country: Finland
Hobbies: playing guitar, listening to music and drawing

26th of April; some other pupils from my class and I arrived to Lanzarote.
I think this is a pretty nice place.
Nature and buildings are beautiful.
Well, everything´s white...but I understand that because it´s so warm here.

Age: 10
Country: Ireland
Hobbies: reading, playing computer.

Young reporters 2 at work:


Picture 042.jpg

April 24, 2006


Before we take off, let's enjoy a virtual tour of the place where we are going to stay. A real palace! Rubicon Palace!


You can explore our hotel at http://www.h10.es/en/h_rubicon_t.html and learn more about Canary Islands at http://www.red2000.com/spain/canarias/ or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canary_Islands

April 21, 2006

Before the eTwinning camp starts...

We are still in our homes spread all over Europe but we are without any doubt excited about going to the eTwinning camp in the Canary Islands next week!


Here, in the European Schoolnet office, we have already started some weeks ago to prepare practicalities, such as accommodation, food or flight tickets. We also think of how to make you work and enjoy the days on the sunny islands :)

This weblog should keep track of what we experience during this unique occasion when young people from various countries meet, work and have fun together. Contribute with your comments, articles and pictures. Our Young reporters will be happy to help you!