April 27, 2009

To Thessaloniki.....Here we come !!!!

Here we are at 05:15 hours in Cork Airport on our way to the e-Twinning Camp 2009 in Thessaloniki, Greece.


The first leg of our journey with Aer Lingus took us to London Heathrow Airport, Terminal 1. Then we passed on to Terminal 2 where we boarded a Lufthansa flight which took us to Munich Airport.

For the third airborne leg of our journey we travelled on Aegean Air to Thessaloniki.
Then it was a bus trip for an hour to our base...The Oceania Club.arriving at 01:00 hours.

December 30, 2008

Cluster Map Archive 2008.


As the year ends our cluster map is about to be archived. For this entry I am using a screen shoot of total entries as they are on the blog on 30th December 2008. We thank everybody who looked in and special thanks to those of you who posted comments, always welcome. With logons approaching the 1000 mark we salute our observers fom Rejavik, the most northern capital in the world to our observers in Wellington the most southern capital in the world sketching and enhancing a true longitudinal profile. Our latitudinal profile is equally impressive stretching from San Francisco to Taiwan. Thank you everybody.

I shall wait until Thursday to officially wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

December 24, 2008

Christmas 2008

Happy Christmas to everybody in the e-Twinning community.

October 19, 2008

Arrival of Visitors

Here we have a short video on the e-Twinning visit to Ireland. Hundreds of pictures were taken. Much video footage has also been stored for future reference. What you see here is just a small sample but hopefully it encapsulates the mood.


A great night was had by all.

November 12, 2007

Artwork on Flowers

We have documented "The Field Trip", we have described, we have classified. Now we are adding an art element to our theme.Our background music comes from Pitesti in Romania, compliments of Crengutsa Tomescu whom we have already met on trans-national projects.Crengutsa is a very able performer and adds another dimension to the entry. Early next year 2008 we shall host 6 Romanian student teachers in Kerry.

Download file

October 06, 2007

Gaelic Football

Download file
My name is Shane and I am the captain of the school football team for 2007/2008. We wear red jerseys with our school name printed on them. We hope this short video will answer some of the questions you raised some time ago . The goalposts for this game are "H" shaped . If the ball is kicked over the bar it is a POINT. .If the ball is kicked past the goalkeeper under the bar it is a GOAl. One GOAL equals 3 POINTS. So goals are very important. Our game at our age group lasts for 30 minutes ., that is 15 minutes a half. To-day's game was a friendly. Next Tuesday it will be very different . We travel 30 kilometres to another school , Clogher National School where a victory is vital if we are to top the league. It will not be easy. Therefore you will see a far more competitive game when we upload next week In the meantime we are working on lesson 3 of Irish Wildflowers . This lesson will involve artwork ,drawing and labelling the species.
This is the crest ion the Kerry green and gold football jersey. The building is a Round Tower built in the 10th century . One tower still survives in good condition some 20 kilometers from our school . These Round Towers were built by the monks as look outs for Vikng raiders some 1000 years ago. Before a raid they stored manuscripts, chalices and other sacred vessels in the tower and then pulled up the ladder. The dog is an Irish Wolfhound. The Harp is the national musical instrument of Ireland. This harp has 9 strings. After the Norman conquest of 1169 Kerry was divided into 9 baronies each ruled by a baron . The family names of these barons still survive in Kerry to this very day.

April 04, 2007

School Daffodils


March 19, 2007

Art Saving the Planet

Download file
A snippet of a visual art lesson. The theme is "Saving our Planet"

March 16, 2007

From Spain
The Spanish delegation visted our school where we compared Irish and Spanish ICT skills. We introduced the Spaniards to the e-Twinning portal. It was their first time seeing it and were more than impressed so much so that they are registered. They were guests of the LEADER programme which oversees the distribution of EU funding for rural projects. Our school has a strong working relation with our local leader- IRD Duhallow.Past pupil Jack Roche, (see pic. later) is President of ELARD which is the EU umbrella body for the leader in each EU country.

Student Teacher Mobility

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Alan from Denmark

This Art Lesson deals with The 3-leaved Shamrock and the small creatures are known as Leprechauns.

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