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November 13, 2007

Make a difference and contribute to a sustainable future!

Welcome to the Energy is our Future blog! The blog is a dedicated space to sharing thoughts, ideas and activities that focus on enhancing and supporting energy education across the curriculum in schools. The Energy is our Future programme is intended to raise awareness on how energy consumption might affect climate change and how advanced materials can contribute to a sustainable future.

The blog is published only in English. Teachers are invited to:

  • tell us how they have implemented the Energy is our Future School programme into their teaching;
  • share their experiences and ideas with the programme;
  • describe how the programme has influenced their students' behaviour;

To post a new blog entry, with a new topic, a teacher should send a text with a header (in English) to Petru Dumitru at:

Comments to any existing blog entry can be made directly on the website. We thank you!