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Make a difference and contribute to a sustainable future!

Welcome to the Energy is our Future blog! The blog is a dedicated space to sharing thoughts, ideas and activities that focus on enhancing and supporting energy education across the curriculum in schools. The Energy is our Future programme is intended to raise awareness on how energy consumption might affect climate change and how advanced materials can contribute to a sustainable future.

The blog is published only in English. Teachers are invited to:

  • tell us how they have implemented the Energy is our Future School programme into their teaching;
  • share their experiences and ideas with the programme;
  • describe how the programme has influenced their students' behaviour;

To post a new blog entry, with a new topic, a teacher should send a text with a header (in English) to Petru Dumitru at:

Comments to any existing blog entry can be made directly on the website. We thank you!


Hi Petru,

if you go to the above you will see that I have placed your excellent blog in my blogroll listing. Hopefully this will allow more people from across Europe to view your blog.

good luck with the project.

cheers Brian D.

Dear All,

Let me get the ball rolling by giving a short description of how I prepared my students for the online chat event with Ray Hammond futurologist. The chat took place under the auspices of the FuturEnergia project at the end of September (see chat transcript: ).

First I had to set my graduate students’ mind on environmental issues and in order to spark their interest I made very good use of the global warning video narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio


Following this lead-in stage I directed my students to a site that provided a detailed lesson plan on the topic ( ).

There were very good warm-up and cool down questions at this aforementioned site.

In my utmost effort to further increase my students’ awareness of the topic and the special, renowned chat guest I have created a gap-filling exercise from the letter we teachers received from Mr. Raymond prior to the chat event.

The letter was very useful for it shed further light on some important environmental issues.

I wanted to end the double lesson with a nice piece of music so we have seen a powerful video music clip entitled "If a tree falls" by Bruce Cockburn ( ).

Its message is similar to that of a Native American saying:

“Only when all the rivers haver run dry

and all the fish in the sea have died,

only when all the rainforests have been burnt down

and there is no food for the animals,

only when all the blue skies have been filled with smoke

and the cities of the world have choked,

will the white man understand

that it's too late to save the Earth.?

The chat was a great success. My students were absolutely thrilled, after all one rarely has the opportunity to put direct questions to a futurologist. Everything that I've prepared for the lessons can be seen at the site I've created to supplement my classroom teaching with some online activities. Here is how you can get an insight into our virtual classroom and the "Energy is our Future" section.

1. Go to
2. Click on "Login as a guest" button.
3. Click on the BLG virtual English school link-
4. You will see a box in the page that turns up, here you should write the following key : BLGJohnny

Thank you for your attention. I am eager to hear about your lessons and experiences. :)

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