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FuturEnergia Chat 1: Plastics, chemistry and climate protection

Dear teachers in Europe,

The first FuturEnergia chat (online debate) is scheduled on 27 November 2008 at 15.00 CET (Brussels time). The debate will focus on plastics, chemistry and climate protection.

Chat theme: Plastics, chemistry and climate protection
Age group: 12-20
Date: 27 November 2008
Time: 15.00 CET
Guest: Anton de Vries, President, Polyolefins Europe, LyondellBasell Industries
Language: English

The teachers who wish to take part in the debate can register by sending an email in English to Petru Dumitru: Petru.Dumitru@eun.org

The email should contain the following information:

School name
Students' age
Teacher name
Teacher e-mail
Phone number during the chat (debate)

Registration deadline: Friday 21 November 2008. For coverage reasons a maximum of two schools per country will be selected to take part in.

Thank you.