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Online chat: Fruitful practice

Chat is a form of real-time communication which uses technology similar to that of electronic mail (e-mail); millions of users worldwide spend some time each day exchanging ideas and materials over the internet.

Taking part in chat sessions with experts and classes to discuss energy related themes can be a great opportunity for students and teachers as it helps to increase students motivation, facilitates communication among schools bringing diverse classes closer together.

The chat sessions can create conditions for effective and collaborative learning/teaching allowing long-distance exchange and interaction among groups of teachers, students, experts, who have the chance to investigate and understand ideas that may have a global impact.

These activities encourage students to be independent learners within a collaborative environment breaking the routine and making learning more varied.

Before gathering online the participating schools are provided with background information to help prepare the chat and get familiar with the theme.


The chat activities aim to enhance common knowledge and relate it to most of school subjects, (science, chemistry, geography and language ); they can also give ideas and materials for teachers/students getting started in CLIL projects (Content and Language Integrated learning).

Education has a strategic role in improving Energy awareness, promoting changes in daily behavior, teaching students and children about energy efficiency and renewable energy .

Mauro Verde, Italy