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The role of technology


Life in the new knowledge society demands more independent and responsible behaviour and much less routine execution of orders; and most of all, we all need to continue to learn throughout life.

ICT (Information Communication Technology) is now everywhere in our daily lives, it surrounds us, and we use it every day for shopping, using home entertainment systems, buying train/air tickets. Whether you're a secretary, executive or teacher, the ability to use technology is a basic requirement.

Learning Technology has the potential to bring improved learning opportunities to a larger audience than has ever previously been possible, supporting more active learning experience through high degree of learner involvement, thus promoting a deeper understanding .

Practices based on ICT can develop methodologies of cooperative work, sharing and debating experiences, giving also the possibility to create learning communities.

The school project FuturEnergia, bringing together science and culture, gives the opportunity to integrate ICT into powerful lessons in human, social and physical sciences, promoting awareness in school students of all ages of the role of energy: its production, conversion and use.

Its aim is also to encourage energy efficiency and uptake of renewable energy sources in order to promote sustainable development in energy. A good energy education is an essential preparation to develop special energy programmes for changes in the behaviour of current and future energy consumers.

The use of technology applied to science learning can help motivate students and promote better take-up of these scientific topics, giving access to a variety of up-to-date resources that support more effective learning and teaching.

Mauro Verde, Italy