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Ondřej Liška, Czech Minister of Education, to host a chat on Learning to protect the environment

Dear teachers,

Below, please see the latest news from the FuturEnergia school programme.

The Council of the European Union is presided over for a period of six months by each Member State in turn. The Czech Republic holds the current EU Presidency.

Generally speaking the Presidency of the Council plays a vital part in the organisation of the work of the institution, notably as the driving force in the legislative and political decision-making process. It has to organize and chair all meetings and work out compromises capable of resolving difficulties.

Picture: Minister Ondřej Liška

Ondřej Liška, a member of the Czech Government and Education Minister will be hosting a chat with students and teachers that work in the Energy is our Future School programme. More about the chat guest.

The chat will focus on the theme “Learning to protect the environment”.

Age group: 12-20
Date: 20 March 2009
Time: 14.30 CET
Guest: Ondřej Liška, Czech Minister of Education
Language: English

The teachers who would like to take part in with their classes should register by sending an email to Petru Dumitru at: futurenergia@eun.org

The registration email should contain the following information:

School name
Students' age
Teacher name
Teacher e-mail
Phone number during the chat

Registration deadline: 10 March 2009.

Thank you.

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