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Inquiry to Insight: An International Environmental Science Collaboration

Environmental problems are both global and local in scope, with important issues such as climate change transcending all boundaries; effective solutions to these problems will require communication among countries.

In particular, climate change issues are of growing concern, and it is imperative that the next generation of policy makers, educators and citizens understand the causes and undertake effective solutions to these challenges.

The /Inquiry-to-Insight/ (I2I) students use emerging technologies to investigate environmental issues through comparison of the ways these problems are addressed and studied in Sweden and the US. Then, the students work collaboratively to envision solutions.


Further information: Géraldine Fauville
Project coordinator WGLN III: Inquiry to Insight
Web: Inquiry-to-Insight
The Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences - Kristineberg
S-450 34 Fiskebäckskil
Email: geraldine.fauville@loven.gu.se
Phone: ++46 (0) 523 18543
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