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October 01, 2012

Pupils create comics on plastics and cars

Italian pupils from Liceo Duni, Matera, Italy, drew a comics on plastics and cars.
The pupils have been inspired by the chat on Tomorrow’s vehicles are made today, which helped them better understand the importance of recycling and the conscious use of energy resources. In this case they are suggesting to use ecological cars!
Have a look at the comics and find inspiration for your class.

Thanks to the pupils who created this comics!

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Start another school year with FuturEnergia

Are you and your pupils interested in new learning opportunities in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable development? FuturEnergia school programme invites schools to take part in a number of online debates with special guests and to organise events about energy efficiency.

Have a look at FuturEnergia activities from last school year and find inspiration for your class!

> Solar Impulse has excited French and British students in two FuturEnergia school visits in February and July. The presentation of the Solar Impulse, a solar airplane which flies with the help of plastic materials, has been the main highlight for both visits, including a more general presentation on saving energy and protecting the planet.

> Pupils in Copley High School wrote grateful letters to the experts sharing their enthusiasm and inspiration: "You had managed to make us laugh, smile and learn by interacting with the students"; "the work and dedication going into the project is absolutely astonishing and I would like to be part of it"; "we really enjoyed watching the video, as it made the whole lecture really clearer".

> FuturEnergia organised four online debates from January until June 2012.
The online debates gave teachers and pupils the great opportunity to ask questions to the experts on crucial topic about energy efficiency, such as: Sustainable Buildings, Marine Litter, Bioplastics, and Plastics and Sports. Few more debates are foreseen for October/November. Stay tuned on the website!