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I.E.S. Manuel de Falla

Nanoyou visited our school.

It was a great pleasure to receive, Patricia Muñoz King in our school. It was an intensive and pleasant experience.
We had four sessions with four different groups and during those sessions 5 five activities were carried out and 9 interviews were held.

I said before that the experience was really rewarding because we had direct feedback of our development of the project and we felt that our commitment and compromise are being valued and acknowledged which is something that does not usually happen in our educational life.

Students were really satisfied to meet someone from Brussels. I could feel that they realized they were doing something important and were able to open their ideas to the world. Besides, they realized that communicating in other languages and getting engaged to do extra things can allow you to be in contact with different learning and maturing opportunities.

It was also important to make some people at school feel that our team commitment and engagement is considered, valued and observed in Europe, therefore my crazy and impulsive decision to join Nano and work with Nano gained logical impulse, international echo and became an important result for my students and myself.

Thank you to you all, Nanoyou, students and colleagues.

Manuel Carro