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Project day on nanotechnology at Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium Augsburg

The students of the Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium Augsburg worked as teachers for one day. In context of the nanoyou project at JFG they presented their knowledge of modern nanotechnology to younger students.

Here you can find the film made by the local tv station.

Here is the report (actually only in German language)

The project day started on 14th of October 2010 at 8:00 am with a plenary session (8:10-8:55). After that there were some experimental and ELSA work in groups (6 different themes) with four groups parallel in different rooms (8:55-12:15).

  • new materials (nanoconcrete, magic blue, ferrofluids)
  • nano gold and nanotechnology in eatables
  • Atomic Force Microscope (original and a modell made with LEGO robotics)
  • suncreme with nano particles
  • natural nano materials
  • colloids
  • nanotechnology and light

The closing section with discussion and feedback was from 12:15 until 1pm.

Here you can find the pictures of the project day.

In the evening (7-9pm) there was lecture with additional information about the project day where each group presented a short
summary with small experiments and then there was a lecture held by Prof. Wixforth (University of Augsburg) called "Nanotechnology in daily life" for the pupils from other classes, parents, colleagues, interested

Here you can the photos from this event in the evening!

Jörg Haas
Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium Augsburg