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The week of Nanotechnology took place from the 11th to the 15th of April at our school, St. Paul’s in Barcelona. During this time, the students of 1st of Bachillerato (16-17 years old) as a part of our Modern World Science course, we organized various activities for students of 3rd and 4th of ESO (13-15 years old).


TEACHERS: Christopher Peters, Gloria López-Barrena

CLASS: 1st baccalaureate - Modern World Science

Our aim was to make them understand what nanotechnology was and explain the reasons why it will be so important for us in the near future. We spent approximately two weeks planning, designing and trying out the presentations and experiments we later exposed to them. We used the Nanoyou webpage as a useful source of information for the Prezi we later put together, and to help us organize the role play and the experiments.
Our main activities were 3: a Prezi presentation (similar, but more advanced than Power Point) to give them the basic theory they would later need to understand the experiments and some insight into the fascinating world of nanoscience, some easy experiences with natural colloids and nanoparticles we had previously created in the laboratory and a role play to see if they had understood the concepts we had previously explained. From the feedback we got, they had enjoyed the activities quite a lot, especially the experiments, when we created cheese explaining how the process is related to nanotechnology.
I believe there is now no doubt in anyone’s mind that nanoscience is already an essential part of our everyday lives and that it will, from now on, become increasingly more important for vital fields such as medicine, Web Design or transport.

Here is the presentation of one of the baccalaureate groups:

You can see the video of another group with the presentation and activities for the younger students: