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Education as a distributed activity

"I am not sure anyone can predict 15 years off. But education will look like a "distributed" activity that happens in schools and universities but also in companies, online, in peer groups, etc, and all of that will be simultaneous - meaning that people won't be going to high school first and then to university and then do a master, but will educate themselves at different levels at the same time. Yes, I know, education is supposed to be incremental, linear, there are notions that you need to have acquired before being in a position to acquire other notions, but the Internet is already shaking that up, there are sectors where pupils and students know more than teachers."
Bruno Giussani
Author, journalist, Co-Founder, Tinext SA, Switzerland


Wonderful image! But there is a lot that can derail our progress towards this vision. Including, I think, the lack of readiness in the 'non-school' world for so major a departure from what they know and understand about the schooling project.

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