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56 Contributions about the Future of Education

To date we have received 56 contributions to our questions about the future of education. These come from 22 countries as well as the European Commission and reflect a wide range of perspectives from policy-makers to academics and including school heads, teachers and writers.
To see the full list of contributors, click below.

List of contributors

- Mag. Dr. Maria Wiesinger, Direktorin, Verein Tourismusschulen Salzburg, Austria

- Baudouin Branders, Chargé de mission au Service cyberécole, Ministère de la Communauté française, Belgique

- Maarten Cannaerts 

- Françoise Chatelain, Ministère de la Communauté française, Belgique 

- Jean Delire, Créateur du service cyberécole et le site enseignement.be 

- Alain Desmaret, Directeur de l'école primaire de Lauzelle à Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique.

- Richard Galvin, Director, European School Mol, Belgium.

- Orland Cardona, Cap de Projectes TIC per a l'Educació, Departament d'Educació i Universitats, Generalitat de Catalunya

- Steen Lassen, Ministry of Education in Denmark

- Aimur Liiva, Project manager, Tiger Leap Foundation, Estonia

European Commission
- José Pessanha, European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Unit A4

- Sari Auramo, Teacher of 10-year old children in small school in Mäntsälä

- Stefan Mueller-Morungen, Apple Computer Europe

- Serge Ravet, CEO of EIfEL, VP of EFQUEL
-Benoît Sillard, Délégué aux usages de l'internet, Ministère de l'Education nationale, de l'enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche

- Merab Labadze, Program Manager, Deer Leap Foundation, Georgian Schools Computerizaton Programme, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

- Uwe Hass, FWU Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht gemeinnützige GmbH
- Markus Gasser, CEO, IT Consult AG

- Ministry of Education, Wiesbaden (Hessen) 

- Dr. Martina Roth, Education Director EMEA, Intel GmbH

- Prof. Udo-Michael Schampel, Landesinstitut für Schulentwicklung, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

- Adam Horvath, Ministry of Education and Culture, IT advisor; National Development Agency, coordinator for informatics and information systems with horizontal affect

- Dott. Giovanni Biondi, Director, I.N.D.I.R.E.

- Asta Buineviciute, Head of Training Department, Centre of Information Technologies of Education (Ministry of Education and Science)

- Eugenijus Kurilovas, Chief, International Training Division, Centre for IT in Education, Ministry of Education, Lithuania

- Oystein Johannessen, Deputy Director General, Head of ICT Team, Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research

- Morten Søby, Network Leader, National Network for IT-Research and Competence in Education, University of Oslo (ITU) 

- Anne-Lena Straumdal, Senior Adviser, The Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education

- Jerzy Dalek, ICT consultant, OSI Computrain, Warsaw, Poland

- Dana Luminita Croitoru, School Manager, School no.146"I.G.DUCA", Bucharest
Slovak Republic

- Dr. Viera Blahová, Ministerstvo skolstva SR, Bratislava

- Borut Campelj, Ministry of Education and Sport, Republic of Slovenia

- Marjan Kozjek, Headmaster of secondary school in Trbovlje

- Sven Borg & Peter Ekborg

- Peter Karlberg, Expert, Swedish National Agency for School Improvement

- Hans-Inge Persson, Director General for the Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning (CFL)

- Jean-Luc Barras, Project Manager "School on the Net", CTIE, Switzerland

- Dr. Thomas Baumann Head of eLearning, Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich (PHZH)

- Bruno Giussani Author, Journalist, Co-Founder, Tinext SA, Switzerland

- Huguette McCluskey, PISA National Project Manager for Switzerland, OFS, Neuchâtel

- Francis Moret, Director, CTIE, Berne, Switzerland

- Michele Notari, Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences, Pädagogische Hochschule Bern (in discussion with Beat Doebeli and Martin Hoffmann)

- Prof. Maia Wentland, HEC-ISI, University of Lausanne

The Netherlands
- Keimpe de Here, Manager International Affairs, Kennisnet Ict op School, TheNetherlands

- Sjaak Janssen, teacher Culture and Arts, KSE secondary school, Etten-Leur, NL 

- Jef Moonen & Prof. Dr. Betty Collis, Moonen & Collis Learning Technology Consultants

- Dr. Guus Wijngaards, Professor on eLearning, INHOLLAND, The Netherlands

United Kingdom
- John Anderson, Department of Education, Northern Ireland


- Alan Bennett, Manager, EMEA Education Markets , Apple Europe Ltd

- Doug Brown, DfES

- John Davies, Learning Manager for Dudley Grid for Learning 

- Charles Duncan, CEO, Intrallect

- Gavin Dykes, DfES, London

- Professor Patrick Purcell, Senior Research Fellow, Dept. Elec. Engineering, Imperial College of Science & Technology, London

- Laurie O'Donnell, Director of Learning and Technology, Learning and Teaching Scotland, Glasgow


Besides preparing a person to create an economically good life, I believe one of the aims of the educational systems will be the cultivation of the awareness of personal responsibility, maintaining personal integrity, encouraging a sense of group awareness to create a world that works for everyone.
Teachers will therefore need to change their mentality. Instead of imparting what they have in themselves, bring it out in the students and let the student take responsibility for what he/she creates.

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