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Pushing content delivery for education

In a personal view on the future of education and possible research avenues, one contributor wrote: "I'd like someone to take a look at 'push' content delivery. At the moment there is an assumption that eLearning / Internet based learning, is focussed on browser use, and people having to look, log in, search etc. 'Pushing' content out there I'd argue is more appropriate for the classroom situation, and could give teachers a framework in which they can start to integrate ICT into their teaching. Also I think the notion of teachers as content producers needs to be explored more. The view of the large content suppliers tends to be prevalent - ie teachers should focus less on content authoring, leave it up to professionals and concentrate on the classroom, whereas I feel that such a personal involvement on the part of a teacher, combined with straightforward 'push' delivery models could be what finally get ICT being more widely adopted."


I totally agree with you. On Beats'blog http://wiki.doebe.li/view/Beat/OnlineEduca2006 you can find the folowing citation by Michael Kerres: 'learning means generating content' or as Beat says: 'learning generates conten' and not 'content generates learning'

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